For export and import freight cargo by water, the phrases FCL and LCL shipping are frequently used in the global logistics sector.

  • FCL – stands for a full container load. (Exclusive Container)
  • LCL – stands for the less-than-container load.(Shared Container)

LCL logistics is used when your cargo does not fill the space of a container, so you use shared container space with LCL shipments from other importers.
LCL shipping is also known as “Consolidation” or “Groupage.

FCL vs. LCL – Transport Time Comparison
Due to consolidation and deconsolidation, LCL shipping takes longer than FCL shipping. To be more precise, service providers must organize the transportation of the goods from the port of shipment (POL) to the destination port, after grouping multiple shipments, sorting them, and packing them into containers.
The decision to use FCL or LCL shipping depends largely on the circumstances and objectives of the consignees.

The decision to use ocean FCL or LCL shipping depends largely on the circumstances and goals of the consignees.


Brazil is a sizable nation, and this size brings with it opportunities that must be wisely taken advantage of. It ranks as the 16th largest shoreline in the world due to its massive coastline and continental size. It has at least 37 installed public ports. The shoreline stretches for more than 8,500 kilometers, and if we include the Amazon River, it might reach up to 10,000 kilometers.

Cabotage transport accounts for about 30% of all Brazilian shipping, according to ANTAQ data.

Special Loads

Specialty overload cargo refers to any cargo that requires special handling, packaging, or transportation due to its unique characteristics. This can include oversized, overweight, dangerous, or fragile cargo.
Cargo that is considered special requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that it is transported safely. This may involve specific packaging, handling equipment, or transportation methods.
It is important to work with experienced logistics providers who can help ensure that specialty cargo is transported safely and efficiently.

Integrated solutions - Multi-Modal

Multimodal transportation refers to the practice of using at least two or more different modes of transportation to move cargo from one location to another.

This method of transportation has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its effectiveness in making logistics more efficient.

One of the main benefits of multimodal transportation is that it allows for the use of the strengths of each mode of transportation while minimizing their weaknesses. For example, when transporting cargo over long distances, it may be more efficient to use a combination of trucks, trains, and ships rather than relying solely on one mode of transportation. 

By reducing the number of trucks on the road, it can help reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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